Yoni Steam Wellness Spa Bermuda

Yoni Steam Womb Sauna Bermuda Offerings:

We provide a one stop shop atmosphere for all of your wellness needs. Specializing in Holistic Herbal Medicines for the Hands, Feet and Body. Mind, Body and Spirit.

  • Massage
  • Facials
  • 7 Day Transformational Juice Detox
  • Overnight Goddess Retreat
  • Yoni Steam – Goddess Spa Day
  • Hot Oil Scalp Massage
  • Herbal Foot Treatments
  • Weightloss
  • Health and Wellness Packages
  • Wellness Workshops for Corporate Events, In-Patient, Out-Patient, Elderly Homes, Online, One on One, Family and more.

Kids Activities:

  • Kids’ Pamper Parties
  • Kids Sip ‘n’ Frost

Email to RSVP your group or one on one consultation today at vsteamboutiquespa@gmail.com.

Special: 7 Day Transformational Detox

7 Day Transformational Juice Detox

Try the Green Goddess 7-Day Juice Detox to reset your body, mind and spirit at a intercellular level.

Benefits include but not limited to:

  • Increased Energy Flow
  • Clearer Skin
  • Glowing Skin
  • Lighter Menstrual Cycles
  • Aids with migraine
  • Good for Vaginal Womb Health concerns such as, Fibroids, BV, Yeast, Dryness, Bacteria, and Odors.

Please email Cammie at vsteamboutiquespa@gmail.com


—Overnight Goddess Retreat—

Do you have a Birthday, Anniversary, Private Party Idea?

Sacred Woman Healing Overnight Retreat and or Book a Steam Over Steam Party today, the perfect overnight women’s wellness retreat I invite you to be a part of the sacred womb healing for women! Let’s feel the power of healing together! The activities will include the Breast, Womb, and Yoni workshops, as well as a womb yoga classes.

Enjoy the natural wellness treatments for your mind body and spirit. Sacred Womb Circle, Vegan Meals and Healing Herbs will be available. Please bring sleeping bags, comforters if you wish, sheets, towels, toiletries, silk and satin scarfs, hand-held mirrors, handheld feathers.

Lets Heal, Reclaim our Health & Dance the Day away!

  • PAYMENT: Overnight Sacred Womb Retreat Cost is $495 total
  • Payment plans are available in increments of $247.50 a week before the event at the latest.


—Hot Oil Scalp Massage—

The Hot Oil Scalp Massage is a great way to moisturize your scalp and add shine and luster to your hair.

If you haven’t experienced it yet, book your appointment and treat yourself. It’s great for anyone who has dry scalp issues or for someone who just needs to relax! These massages also reduces stress and anxiety that builds up over time. You get a full hour of bliss for $125, which includes a mini neck and shoulder massage with a Hot Oil Scalp Massage.

You won’t be disappointed!

We also host Pamper Parties and Corporate Pamper Parties.

PAYMENT: $125 for an hour


—Yoni Steam – Goddess Spa Day—

  • Receive a relaxing herbal vaginal treatment. Reducing Menstrual Pain, Fibroids, Uterine Prolapse, Urinary Tract Infections, Hemorrhoids and more. Not for pregnant women. On The Spot Yoni Steams for 30 – 45 minutes are $100. with Wellness Tea before, during or after.
  • Womb Therapy, Private Consultation with Yoni Steam is an additional $25.
  • Relax on and for an Amethyst Crystal Bed Therapy $50
  • Vegan Refreshments and Herbal Tea available. Shea Butter, Natural Skin Care and more to Sip Shop & Spa.


—Goddess Night Spa—

Ladies treat yourself to a evening of pampering!!!

Join us for a Blissful, super pampering of Goddess Self-Care!

Evenings Include:

  • Herbal Hand and Foot Treatment with soak, Aromatherapy Foot Scrubs, Hand and Foot Mask with a Neck and Shoulder Massage
  • Juice Bar Boutique
  • Raw Fresh Goddess Superfood Smoothie Cocktail Bowls, with Blissful Goddess Chocolate and Goddess Aphrodisiac Tea

Enjoy this amazing Goddess Spa Day Experience of Self-Care, Self-Love and a lot of Pampering

—Herbal Foot Baths—

  • Infused with medicinal herbs as you sip on a complimentary tea. (Teas are organic loose leaf teas.)
  • Enjoy a complimentary foot massage after your Herbal Foot Bath.
  • Aromatherapy/Essential Oils/Loose Leaf Herbs are used for Natural Holistic Wellness for your mind, body and Spirit.


Learn More About Our Goddess Spa Day and Night Below:

Kids' Pamper Parties

—Kids’ Activities—


  • Be ready to be pampered up like a Princess and or Queen. With options to have Aromatherapy Strawberry ‘n’ Cream Foot Soaks, Chocolate Facials, Hand and Feet Scrubs.
  • Learn to make your own face mask out of natural ingredients.

Kids Sip ‘n’ Frost

  • Children can enjoy a fun atmosphere while learning how to decorate cupcakes, cakes and while sipping on healthy colorful juices with their friends or new friends.
  • Kid Friendly Music
  • Kid Friendly Atmosphere
  • Book a Group Party for $42 for 2 hours

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