Pole Fitness Class

Pole Class Guidelines

  • No jewelry
  • No lotions or creams the day of
  • Bring a towel
  • Arrive on time

What is Pole Fitness?

It’s the Happiest Happy Hour in Bermuda and you get super fit doing it! Pole fitness is an extension of pole dancing that uses the pole to it’s maximum potential as a versatile piece of fitness equipment. Pole fitness combines anaerobic and aerobic fitness, works the whole body, improving muscle tone, flexibility, coordination, posture as well as upper body and core strength. Pole fitness improves your mood, self-confidence and it’s tons of FUN! Participants are required to bring a towel, water, shorts and a sport top to class. Please don’t wear jewelry, no lotions, creams in the class. Also, please do not be late.

New Class: Power-Precision Pole

Develop the upper strength, core stability and control, and incredible confidence in your body. Be prepared to train like an athlete. No heels, no booty shakin’, just pole fitness.

Pole Conditioning

Do you love the sense of accomplishment that you get after completing a challenging workout? Are you a poler working on building strength or improving technique for more advanced moves? If you answered yes to either of these questions, this class is for you. In Pole Conditioning, you will get a full-body workout both on and off the pole.  We work towards building strength and active flexibility that will help any aerialist on their apparatus of choice. The workouts are dynamic and challenging yet any level of fitness can have a great time and break a sweat. No experience on the pole? No problem! This class can still help you reach your fitness goals using a fun and creative approach. Come to class on a Monday evening to sweat away the Manic Monday stress and get your week off to a great start.

Intro to Pole Fitness 101: For Pure Beginners

A proper curriculum is in place to help you learn to move around the pole comfortably and safely with a lot of professional guidance.You will learn some easy elegant walks, poses, spins, and preparations for climbs. This course focuses on developing and improving your strength, coordination, stamina and grace in the art of pole dancing for fitness. You will also learn a short combination in each class and it is a fantastic workout every time!

We recommend taking this 8 week series 2-3 times.

Pole 101 pass requirements:

  • Cross ankle fireman
  • Dip turn/360/step around
  • Back hook spin
  • Instructor approval

Pole Fitness 101-201: Beginners and Progressors

In this drop-in class, we will work on basic moves, spins and transitions.  In order to attend, you should have completed or nearly completed the Pole 101 8-week series.  This class will help solidify the basics that were taught in 101 and get you ready for the next level.

Pole Fitness 201: Intro to Climbing (Intermediate)

This 8 week program is offered on Monday evenings. You will continue learning and working to get your feet off the ground by mastering many different climbing techniques and conditioning tricks as well as a variety of dance moves, floor work and spins.

This class requires that you have mastered Pole 101

Pole 201 pass requirements:

  • Basic Pole climb on spin & static
  • One handed spins on static
  • Pull up crunch
  • Layout/check mark
  • Cross ankle/knee release
  • Instructor approval

Pole Fitness 301: Intro to Inverts (Advanced)

This is a 8 week program that is offered on Thursday evenings. Pole 301 will continue to turn your world up side down! Commit to 8 weeks and learn techniques for inverting and gain confidence in leg hangs.

This class requires that you have mastered Pole 201

POLE 301 pass requirements:

  • Comfortable aerial inverting
  • Clean inside/outside leg hangs
  • Intermediate level of flexibility
  • Instructor approval

Pole Fitness 401: Pole Master 1

Now that you have made it through the 3 beginner and intermediate levels and inverting is a common occurrence, we take it a notch higher. You will learn to master shoulder mounts, aerial mounts and different ways to get into and out of moves.This is when you start stringing aerial moves together into combos that require strength and stamina.

Pole Fitness 501: Pole Master 2

Here we start working on moves like handsprings, jades,drops and moves that will test the limits of your strength and flexibility. Come to class prepared to increase your balance,endurance,grace and WILL POWER.

Free Open Level Pole Fitness 101-301

This is a free pole fitness and aerial arts practice time for students enrolled in Lotus programs, plus performers, competitors and Lotus instructors.
  • Monday to Friday 1-2pm for all Apparatus (Lyra, Silks and Pole)
  • Saturday 3-4pm for Pole
  • Sunday  2-3pm for all apparatus

Must call studio ahead of time to ensure there are no events being held that day. No Lotus staff or instruction.


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