Children's Ballet and Ariel Classes

At Lotus, we love children and we love to challenge, entertain, teach healthy body awareness and empower them.

Legat & Pre-Point Style of Classical Ballet

Children and parents love the calm environment, small class size and the fun, clear focus on classical ballet technique with just the right blend of theatre and improvisation. Students must have ballet shoes and a black leotard. No previous ballet experience required.

We provide Legat ballet classes on:

  • Tuesdays from 4pm – 5:30pm (Seniors)
  • Thursdays at 4pm – 5pm (Juniors)


  • Fall 2020 Term Dates: Week of September 21


  • One-day per week for the 12-week term: $240
  • One-day per week for the 12-week term (for current Padma Buds participants – see below): $150


  • Black leotard
  • Pink or black ballet shoes
  • Flesh tone or pink tights

Padma Buds (Children’s) Aerial Class for ages 5–16

Silks, Lyra and Pole Fitness training combines acrobatics, gymnastics, strength training and artistry. It is anaerobic and aerobic, improves flexibility, builds and maintains lean muscle mass, increases bone strength and density, boosts metabolism and mood. Lotus is aiming to train Bermuda’s 1st Aerial Team.

Getting to Padma

Padma is now located on 8 Marsh Lane in Devonshire. LIMITED rides from Hamilton are available Monday-Friday. Those who sign up first will be prioritized. Pick up is at Hamilton bus terminal (on the side closest to Victoria Park near the circular bench). Pick up is between 3:30-4:05 to allow kids from all parishes to arrive. Each ride is $3. Rides must be purchased in advance. A credit for each unused ride will be on your child’s account without expiration.

Days of the week:

  • Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 4:15 – 5:30pm, and Saturdays from 11:30am – 12:30pm
  • Padma Aerial team: Same as above, however, Monday and Fridays until 6:30pm

Winter 2021 Schedule:

  • Week of January 18 to April 3 with one-week Spring break (TBD)

Costs for the 12-week term (includes all FOUR days):

  • 1 day per week: $225
  • 2 days per week: $300
  • 3 days per week: $375
  • 4 days per week: $425
  • Aerial team: inquire

Children may attend one, two or three days per week; however, parents must decide up front which days of the week their children are attending. Please only sign up for the days the child can attend, otherwise a spot is taken that someone else could have attended.

Sign Up:

Sign up by emailing Spots fill up quickly.


What to Wear:

  • Clean socks
  • A light jacket
  • Leggings to be worn over pole fitness shorts
  • Leggings must be worn in all silks, hammocks and lyra classes
  • NO zippers, buttons, jewelry or earrings that could possibly rip Lotus fabrics

Interested in Padma Buds Classes?

You may visit our online schedule for regularly scheduled Lotus Buds classes, and if we have any current workshops, you will see these listed above on this page.

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