Meet Isabelle Weber

Isabelle was born in Australia and grew up in the countryside of Western Sydney, which is near the Blue Mountains. Her home town Glossodia was named after an Aboriginal flower. After graduating with an Honours Degree in Visual Arts from a cross cultural program with Sydney University and Silapokorn University in Bangkok, Thailand, she travelled to India: the gateway of spirituality. This had a significant impact on her life. There, she met her Reiki Master and began a journey to become a Reiki Healer and Master/Teacher. She moved to London/England where she spent many years training and developing her skills and abilities, all the while knowing that she wanted to work with children and families to help them overcome difficulties and thrive! She is delighted to be here in Bermuda and working at Lotus. She has a very positive, passionate and enthusiastic approach t o her work with children, and is very aware of considering the child’s thoughts, feelings, and behaviour, taking on board the needs and context of the family.

Through her therapeutic work with pregnant mothers, she developed a complete holistic approach to fertility, pregnancy and post natal care. Her professional training includes being a qualified complementary therapist from the International Institute of Health and Holistic therapies. She has also completed her training to become a Gentle Birth Method Practitioner, as well as qualifying as Doula and Infant Massage Teacher. She specialized in early intervention and went on to complete her Masters Degree in Transpersonal Child, Adolescent & Family Therapy University of Northampton, UK.

Isabelle Weber is a Child Consultant, Adolescent and Family Therapist and Women’s Wellness Practitioner. She offers the Gentle Birth Method Program, which is a series of holistic lymphatic treatments to support a woman in her pregnancy, birth preparation and post natal care. In addition, she offers baby massage classes, meditation classes, and a variety of healing trauma workshops to help those who have been abused. 

Isabelle also specializes in reiki, as a Reiki Master Teacher, and she is trained in all forms of holistic massage, such as: aromatherapy, reflexology, sports massage, deep tissue and Indonesian massage, which combines reiki to and massage to clear the client of energy blocks held within the body on a deeper level.

doTERRA Wellness Advocate: Holistic Lifestyle Women’s Wellness Consultations at Lotus

Isabelle is now offering Holistic Lifestyle consultations at Lotus using doTerra Essential oils. She is a qualified Aromatherapist having practiced for over 15 years she brings her wealth of experience and knowledge to Bermuda to support families with their health and well being using doTERRA essential oils. She treats all kinds of imbalances in the body, helping to de stress and relax the client. She provides ongoing holistic care through times of change and the cycles of life. Aromatherapy is a complete psychosomatic system of healing, a holistic approach to health and well-being by means of aromas- scents derived from the plant kingdom.


Her areas of special interest include:

Children with presenting developmental issues, learning difficulties, special needs, ADHD, ADD, ASD, ODD, conduct problems, emotional regulation, anger management difficulties; Language delays, attachment problems, divorce/ co-parenting, internalizing/externalizing emotions, bereavement, social, emotional and behavioral difficulties, presenting mental health concerns, parental & maternal mental health; Depression, post natal depression, anxiety, child protection, domestic violence, sexual, mental/ emotional, physical abuse;  Troubled relationships, loss of direction, lack of life-purpose, low self worth and self esteem, panic attacks. Career/workplace issues; Family parent/child relationships. Personal development, spirituality, trauma, eating disorders, adolescents, teenage mothers, Family Systemic Therapy, addictions, intergenerational relationship issues/ trauma.

Professional Information (accreditation):

Isabelle Weber is registered under the Bermuda Health Council and covered by Insurance. She is a member and accredited by the UKCP (UK Counsel of Psychotherapy) and holds professional liability insurance with AXA Insurance UK. She is also a member of Independent Professional Therapists International, Retford England.


  • Masters Degree in Child, Adolescent and Family Therapy, University of Northampton, UK
  • Multidisciplinary Practice Tavistock & Portman NHS Trust. University of East London, UK.
  • Advanced Diploma Masters Therapeutic & Educational Application of the Arts, Institute of Arts in Therapy and Education Metropolitan University UK.   
  • Diploma in Sand play Studies: Centre for Counselling & Psychotherapy Education UK.
  • B.A Visual Arts Honours Degree: University of Sydney, Australia.


Additional Qualifications/Training:

  • Protecting Children from Child Sexual Exploitation V2 Safeguarding E-Academy CPD Certified
  • How to Build Your Child’s Emotional Intelligence, Dr. Darrien Ray, Clinical Psychologist
  • Grief and Loss, Dr. Darrien Ray, Clinical Psychologist
  • Diet and Nutrition and Its Impact on a Child’s Learning Ability Hannah Jones, Registered Dietitian  Using Apps for Reading & Phonics Kimberly Mclvor, Senior Speech Language Pathologist, Apex Allied Health              
  • Occupational Therapy for Children Moffat Makomo, The Learning Disabilities Association of Bermuda 
  •  Certified Stewards of Children SCARS Bermuda
  •  Working with Families with Historical Abuse Tavistock & Portman NHS Trust. University of East London
  • E-Safety Awareness Child Protection Training Kent Country Council Services
  • Sexual Abuse How to identify the signs and understand the Issues Kent Country Council Service
  • The Science of The Art of Psychotherapy Allan Schore
  • Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Training Family Action
  • Mindfulness Psycho Education practices
  • Understanding eating disorders
  • Play Therapy Awareness Training
  • Child Development Training with BAAF
  • Understanding Attachment Training with BAAF
  • Group work Training
  • Child Abuse linked to Faith or Belief
  • Early Years Child Development Training
  • ADHD/ASD Awareness training
  • ‘Making Sense of Neglect’ Understanding the Lived Experience of the Child
  • Child protection Training Kent Safeguarding Board
  • Incredible Years Parenting Training
  • Solihull Training for working with children in therapy
  • Intermediate Safeguarding Family Action
  • 2009 Birth Doula Certification CLD Childbirth International
  • 2005 Infant Massage Teacher Touch Learn
    • “The Jeyarani Way” Gentle Birth Method Practitioner
  • 2004 Diploma and IIHHT in Complementary Therapy
  • 2004   Esoteric Soul Healer, Isle of Avalon Foundation, Glastonbury UK
    • Ancestral Spirit Release Healer, Soul Rescue Somerset UK
  • 2003    Reiki Master/Teacher Levels 1, 2 and 3, India
  • 1998 Honours Degree in Visual Arts Silapakorn University Bangkok & Sydney University
  • 1996-1997 B.V.A Degree Sydney College of the Arts Australia
  • 1993-1995 Diploma of Fine Arts National Art School Australia


She is able to teach therapeutic workshops on the benefits of using the arts, meditation and dance to heal emotional/mental/physical/sexual/child hood trauma/issues. Isabelle has been holding sacred space for women and men through her healing work and honouring the transformation and journey in finding and connecting with one’s true self by holding empowering workshops and retreats all over the world.


Mother’s Little Helpers

I am so blessed to have some amazing people supporting me during my pregnancy, as I really do believe that a mother’s mind-set affects baby.

Isabelle is the most genius guru for any mummy-to-be. She practices and preaches Dr Gowri Motha’s treatments, nutiritional advice and birthing plan. She started doing my pregnancy massage at around 3 months (the earliest they advise) and is now giving me an all-round programme for a fabulous pregnancy. Poor Isabelle didn’t start with the best student- remember that seasick slug from weeks gone by? Well, those fanciful eating habits have wreaked havoc on my digestion and given me a bit more that just bloat!

So, here’s the lowdown on the regime. Through reflexology, and liver, pancreatic and abdominal massage she expelled toxins, toned and strengthened muscles and, overall flushed my system of the garbage I had polluted it with. With this clean canvas, she then cracked down on my nutrition, devising and (bless her cotton socks) cooking my weekly meals, including every nutrient that the little one needed to be vibrant and healthy. And behold, I benefited too! My energy levels picked up, the bloat abated and my digestion… well, it digested.

Isabelle became a stream of love and energy for me and my baby. Her healing Reiki energy and nurturing ways cocooned us in health and happiness, and gave me a great lesson in what a mother should be. With her guidance, I took charge of myself and incorporated her wisdom and knowledge into my everyday life.

– Normandie Keith, ‘You Magazine,’ The Mail on Sunday Newspaper


C-Section Convert

I need to start at the very beginning with my birth story. I am 38 and had previously had a miscarriage at 7 weeks. Very concerned this might happen again I heard about the Viveka Clinic in St John’s Wood and went for an early scan. Dr Gowri Motha, the writer of The Gentle Birth Method book, is linked to the clinic and I got really into her book and was a 100% set on a natural birth. Following her guidance I changed my diet, avoiding wheat, and ate very healthily; took the vitamins and herbal teas she suggested and had a fortnightly wonderful session of creative healing with Isabelle Weber she is brilliant!. Following this regime meant I had an amazingly healthy and enjoyable pregnancy.”

Karen Watson Chiswick and Hammersmith NCT Newsletter, August/September

I was given 6 sessions of massage as a birthday present and this included a combination of Indonesian, Aromatherapy and Reflexology.

I have always been a bit of a sceptic as to the benefits of massages and alternative therapies but have now been totally converted.

The massage was conducted in a very professional way and left me feeling very calm and relaxed and with a great sense of well being and my body felt very good. All my aches and pains disappeared instantly.

I was given a diet to improve my digestive health which is the most sensible diet I have set eyes on. It is also designed to stop sagging energy levels during the day.

She was also able to advise me on ways I could improve my busy lifestyle to allow for enjoyment of the here and now. She is very knowledgeable about any topic you wish to bring up and can advise. She has just the right temperament and personality for her job and has a very nice manner.

Sessions with Isabelle would be a great present for a friend or loved one and I would recommend everyone here to have a look at her web site and treat themselves to one of several of life’s MUST experiences.

– Jane E McCartney


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