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Isabelle is available for bookings Monday to Saturday. You can book your appointment here or call 296-5900 to arrange an appointment.


Isabelle Weber holds a Masters Degree and is a fully qualified Child, Adolescent and Family Therapist and is registered under the Bermuda Health Council. She is covered by Insurance. Isabelle has been treating families and children for over 15 years and has a wealth of experience working with children with presenting developmental issues, learning difficulties, special needs, conduct problems, emotional regulation, anger management, language delays, attachment problems, divorce/ co-parenting, bereavement, social, emotional and behavioral difficulties, parental & maternal mental health, depression, anxiety, child protection, domestic violence, sexual, mental/ emotional, physical abuse, troubled relationships, low self worth & self esteem, panic attacks, trauma, eating disorders, teenage mothers, addictions, Intergenerational relationship issues/ trauma. She also runs a Parent Education program called ‘The Incredible Years.’

Isabelle is a fully qualified Complementary Holistic therapist specializing in Women’s Health and Wellness, Infertility, Pregnancy offering the Gentle Birth Program, and she understands the connections between mental, emotional, physical and spiritual wellbeing. She supports people in their transformation into becoming who they want to be. She is an Esoteric Soul Healer since 2004, having trained in Glastonbury at the Isle of Avalon Foundation. She has also studied with Terry and Natalia O’Sullivan specialists in Soul Rescue and healing Ancestral Patterns. She has taught and runs workshops internationally on meditation/healing past trauma/holistic health/lifestyle/ freestyle dance to help people to de-stress and connect with their true selves.  She has been practicing spiritual healing for the past 18 years. She is also a gifted Reiki Master/teacher. Isabelle now lives in Bermuda and practices at Lotus. Learn more about Isabelle here.


Indonesian Massage:  45 min $75. 60 min. $100. 90 min $130

Full body massage with oil. This unique massage has been handed down through generations and works on clearing the energy lines with deep palm compression as a fundamental technique.  This powerful massage will leave you uplifted and recharged and is an effective way to relieve stress.

Aromatherapy:  75 mins. $135

This is a full body massage including face and is done through the use of essential oils that provide an invaluable aid to relaxation, stress relief, beauty care to improve health and well being. The use of essential oils treats all kinds of physical ailments, great for insomnia, stress, stomach, skin disorders, and hormonal imbalance. Very relaxing and soothing.

Sports Massage: 45 min Neck, Back and Shoulders $75, Full body massage 60 min $100

Deep tissue massage, rigorous, fast paced full body massage. Great for circulation and for those recovering from injuries. For those people with knots, achy shoulder and neck and like deep tissue work done, this is a strong massage.

Creative Healing: 60 min $125

This is a very subtle form of massage that decongests the organs from any possible toxic waste and re-establishes uninterrupted flow of energy. It can be used to treat infertility, menstrual irregularities, lower back pain and digestive issues. Generally a course of treatments is recommended.

Pregnancy Massage: 60 min $125. 90 min $150

Pregnancy Massage incorporates Creative Healing as an excellent way of clearing the body of congestion; optimising lymphatic drainage. This is necessary for a gentle birth as the joints and muscles of the lower back; sacrum and coccyx need to be functionally mobile and clear of congestion. When muscles and ligaments return to their normal state, they automatically become supple and elastic.

Post-Natal Massage: 75 min $125

Post-Natal Massage is tailored to suit the individual’s needs, depending on the nature of the labour. It consists of lymphatic drainage to treat edema, swelling in the hands and ankles and legs. Specific essential oils are used to detox the body to help with fluid drainage and weight loss. Supports post-natal depression.

Reflexology: 1hr $95

Relaxing foot massage helps with heartburn, lymphatic drainage, varicose veins, back pain, tiredness and exhaustion, headaches, sleep problems, work stress, constipation and digestive issues, high blood pressure, more energy very balancing. Very good for Pregnant Mothers and those looking to conceive.

Indian Head Massage: ½ hr $60

Head, Scalp and Face Massage, great for shoulder and neck tension, migraines, sinus, hay fever, releases tension, balances chakra, very relaxing.


Transformational Healing

Reiki: 1hr $95

Powerful self healing that enhances your general well being. It is universal life force. Reiki increases your levels of life force so you feel more energised and relaxed. Loosens up blocked energy, cleanses the body of all toxins, and strengthens the immune system. The person may feel a tingling and a deep sense of relaxation and well-being. It is widely considered to be as rejuvenating as a good night’s sleep. Reiki Level 1, 2 and Master Attunements are also available on request.

Soul Healing: 90 min $125

Spiritual healing that connects with the person’s soul and helps to bring them into their body and gain self awareness. Soul Healing helps with all areas of one’s life, conflicts and resolutions, work issues, family, relationships; understanding comes in to help the person to decide what the most important aspects of their life is. Helps to heal on all levels.

Ancestral Spirit Release Healing: 90 min $125

Ancestral spiritual healing is a very specialised and developed form of healing which offers transformation for the person through clearing ingrained ancestral patterns inherited from families and passed down through generations. These ingrained patterns can create trauma, drama and limitations in a person’s life which holds them back from doing what they really want to be doing and living the life they want to be living.

Metamorphic Technique: 60 min $95
This therapy is a light touch to the feet, hands and head to loosen the root of blockages such as illness, behaviours, anxiety, insecurities and addictions. It enables us to free ourselves from patterns to move from feelings of limitation toward accessing more of our potential. In short, it helps us to help ourselves.

Child, Adolescent and Family Therapy

90 min Initial Consultation/Assessment $200 sliding scale and co-pay available.

Tailored program of 50 min sessions from 6-to-12 weeks/ongoing.

Child and adolescent therapy is a psychoanalytic treatment for children, young people and families. I treat a range of emotional and behavioural problems not easily addressed by other methods of treatment. I am trained to carefully observe a child or young person and respond to what they might be communicating through their behaviour and play. I have developed a specific skill in putting into words the troubled feelings that children evoke in them. I will apply my framework of thinking to work with parents, families and carers. My work may also focus on helping the parent make sense of the child’s behaviour, as well as how the parent’s own issues might interfere with their ability to parent. I may also explore different possibilities in parenting styles.

doTERRA Wellness Advocate: Holistic Lifestyle Women’s Wellness Consultations at Lotus

Isabelle is now offering Holistic Lifestyle consultations at Lotus using doTerra Essential oils. She is a qualified Aromatherapist having practiced for over 15 years she brings her wealth of experience and knowledge to Bermuda to support families with their health and well being using doTERRA essential oils. She treats all kinds of inbalances in the body, helping to de stress and relax the client.   She provides ongoing holistic care through times of change and the cycles of life. Aromatherapy is a complete psychosomatic system of healing, a holistic approach to health and well-being by means of aromas- scents derived from the plant kingdom.

  • 30 Minute doTERRA wellness Consultation  $50
  • 60 Minute doTERRA Wellness Consutlation $100
  • 90 Minute doTERRA Wellness Consultation $150

During the Consultation Isabelle will do a lifestyle assessment for you and introduce you to the essential oils and help you understand how the  oils’ chemistry affects the body and how scent can have a powerful effect on the mind and emotions, therefore the oils will be carefully chosen for you to suit your individual and family needs.

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