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About the Performance

Lotus is pleased to offer the first aerial performance of Cirque du Nutcracker in Bermuda. This experience is suitable for all ages. Performers will WOW you, and perhaps even inspire you to fly!


The Show

  • As the Lotus family prepare for their Christmas party, Frederika (aka Freddie) imagines the wonderful things that might happen. Her little brother cannot miss a moment to tease her and is only stopped by the arrival of her mysterious and magical aunt Sophia.
  • The party comes to life with lots of dancing as the excitement builds and aunt Sophia arrives with two huge boxes from New Jersey (Bermuda Express) out of which come a set of life-sized dancing dolls from the Azores.
  • This is not the only treat that aunt Sophia has in store as she presents Freddie and her sister with a strange, wooden doll (Dressed in Bermuda Regiment attire) call a  Nutcracker.
  • Freddie is in awe of the little wooden soldier and is even more surprised when when Aunt Sophia reveals the dolls ability to crack nuts! Freddie little sister quickly become jealous, a fight follow and soon the doll lies broken on the floor. Freddie’s tears dry as her aunt manages to repair the doll.
  • The party ends and Freddie leaves her Nutcracker doll by Christmas tree before going to bed. Unseen, Aunt Sophia remains behind after the party and casts her magic.
  • Let the battle commence!
  • Unable to sleep, Freddie tiptoes down to the dark living room, finds her Nutcracker and falls asleep on the couch. She is soon surrounded by mice and some larger rats!
  • The room seems to have grown and the china cabinet has become a large fort and home to a life sized version of her Nutcracker (Amari)  that has come to life.
  • The Rat King reveals his presence and declares war. The Nutcracker  musters her ‘toy Regiment’ and a huge battle takes place.Just as the rat King is about to overpower the Nutcracker , Freddie distracts him…allowing the Nutcracker to to strike the winning blow.
  • Once again , Aunt Sophia calls upon her magic and the Nutcracker transforms into a beautiful princess.
  • Freddie and the Nutcracker Princess are transported on a magic Jet Ski (a decorated Twizzie car ) through a wintery sleet storm to the Island of Treats in the centre of the Bermuda Triangle.
  • Along the azure blue waters they travel until finally arriving at the mystical Island of Treats where they are greeted by the Sugar Tax Fairy.
  • Freddie tells her of the Nutcracker and Mouse King battle.
  • The Sugar tax fairy summons her friends, among them, The Rock Island Coffee Princess, The Hibiscus Flowers, Glass Candy , Ginger Bread and The Portuguese Donuts.
  • Freddie is soon dancing with them and only stops to witness the most beautiful of all dances by the Sugar Tax Fairy.
  • All too soon the dancing ends and Freddie finds herself on the couch in her living room.She runs around the room searching everywhere for her Nutcracker princess and all the wonderful people she met on  the Island of Treats. She tries to tell her family of all the the sights she has seen. Can it have all been just a dream?
  • As she turns to go back to bed she  catches a glimpse of her Nutcracker Princess and Aunt Sophia.
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