How to Unleash Your Confidence Before the Big Day

As your wedding day approaches, there’s sure to be plenty of focus on your outer beauty, from pre-wedding spa treatments to selecting your dress and jewelry to choosing from different makeup looks and hairstyles. But what about your inner self—your physical and mental well-being? In Bermuda, there’s a unique way to boost your health and self-esteem before you walk down the aisle. Lotus Bermuda offers you the chance to bond with your bridesmaids while unleashing your inner confidence and beauty at their pole fitness classes.

Lotus’s facility has six poles, meaning groups of up to 12 can be comfortably accommodated. Two teachers start off the class with a performance for the group, then students learn an easy dance and a pole fitness routine. There are plenty of opportunities for photo ops, and Lotus will even help you decorate the room in colors to match the theme of your wedding. The benefits of pole fitness are ideal as your big day approaches.

“Pole dancing is good for self-empowerment, to help women feel strong and powerful and in control of their life,” says Sophia Cannonier of Lotus Bermuda. “It brings out your more feminine side.”

Beyond bachelorette parties, Lotus is a fitness facility and mind/body wellness spirit center, with services including yoga, aerial silks, aerial hoop, and pilates classes, as well as home birth midwifery services. A men’s pole fitness class is offered as well, meaning your groom and his groomsmen can also let loose and have fun while getting fit.

While pole fitness might seem at the surface like a fun activity to do with your girlfriends, the rewards run deep. The focus it takes requires you to engage your entire body and to become very acquainted with how you move and feel.

“It allows women to feel more comfortable in their own skin,” says Sophia. “It helps them feel very powerful. And of course there are rewards in the relationship—pole fitness raises your confidence levels.”

Bonding with your bridesmaids while bringing out your inner confidence in the days leading up to your wedding is sure to leave you feeling empowered, and we’re willing to bet your soon-to-be-partner will be happy with the results as well.

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