Padma means enlightened lotus in Sanskrit. It signifies a feeling of detachment. Picture how easily water rolls of the petals it falls upon. The word also means strength and good luck, as well as honor and respect. Padma is the name of my personal studio space. It is open and airy. At Padma, it is my mission to bring each client on a transformational physical and personal journey. I want to convey that Pilates, the aerial arts, and ballet are much more than workouts. I strive to maintain a nurturing and educational environment where each client, regardless of whether they are in a private lesson or group class, receives an experience in their own personal movement.

I know and honour that everyone develops at their own pace. As such, I am committed to offering private apparatus lessons and small classes where the individual matters. Each client commits and dedicates to his or her personal practice and growth. It is through consistency and true learning of the work that progress and change happen. Your commitment and dedication is to yourself!

It is my job to guide and nurture each client. I am committed to your personal practice. Improve movement, improve life!

– Sophia Cannonier


At Padma, we offer holistic treatments such as Feldenkrais, Access Bars and Structural Integration. 

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